Hexadecimal No-nonsense website monitoring and status page service

Find peace of mind knowing that your websites and APIs are up and running.Something wrong can happen for a multitude of reasons. Instead of simply saying that your website is down, we will give you a potential reason for the downtime, some tips on what might be causing the problem, and handy debug information that will help you to troubleshoot the incident faster.During downtimes, checks are performed from multiple locations simultaneously and are only recorded if more than half of the servers can confirm it. This drastically reduces the number of false positives.On top of uptime checks, we will keep an eye on your SSL/TLS certificates and notify you long before they expire.To keep your customers in the know about your websites’ status, you can publish status pages under your own domain.This integration will send notifications to a selected Slack channel when your websites go up or down or their SSL/TLS certificates are nearing their expiration date.You can try Hexadecimal for free for 16 days. You will have to upgrade to a paid account if you would like to continue using this Slack app past the free trial.