Heroku Chat Ops Heroku Chat Ops for Slack

Heroku ChatOps brings Heroku’s popular Pipelines deployment workflow to Slack.  With Heroku ChatOps you can deploy and promote code, and get CI test and pull request statuses directly within Slack. You and your team can stay on top of your Heroku app’s status without having to jump to another site.Command output is organized into threads for easier readability, with app details like who performed the operation, the Github repo, hash and task duration.  If further investigation is needed the app link takes you to the Heroku Dashboard, where you can view additional details like app configuration and Application Metrics.You’ll be notified if your deployment fails one of the configured deployment checks.With optional event notifications, you’ll receive notifications for Pipelines activities initiated outside of Slack, like Heroku CI test statuses. For installation instructions and details on usage, visit the Heroku ChatOps Dev Center page.  You can reach the Heroku ChatOps team with feedback and questions at [email protected]