Hero by Happy force Hero by Happy force is the perfect partner to collect feedback quickly and easily, beating any engagement survey.

Hero by Happyforce brings anonymous employee feedback and recognitions to your Slack channel.
Happyforce helps leaders and companies to boost employee engagement, retain talent, and motivate their teams.
We do so by continuously measuring the health of your team’s work environment across more than 20 cultural key indicators, by creating a safe space where your employees can leave honest feedback, and by promoting a culture of recognition aligned with your company’s values.
Expect Hero to ping you when it’s time to leave feedback, answer a survey, or something relevant happens in your company.
Please note that to use Hero, you need an active Happyforce account.
Find more about Hero by Happyforce at: http://docs.myhappyforce.com/articles/4108675
Learn more about Happyforce and register for free at: https://www.myhappyforce.com