Helpdesk FAQ & Ticketing Helpdesk

FAQ & Ticketing Helpdesk
Helpdesk is the easiest way for the organization to set up their frequently asked questions and ticketing system on Slack. Helpdesk gives you the flexibility of setting up multiple service desks for various departments within your organization. Helpdesk automatically answers employee questions and creates a ticket only when an employee question is outside the FAQ list.Helpdesk provides the complete features of a ticketing system inside Slack with easy configurations.  Set up your organization frequently asked questions  Create functional service desks like HR, IT, Finance, etc.  Assign desk owner & agents to work on tickets  Resolve tickets & train the Helpdesk without leaving Slack  Multiple categories to tickets with defined TAT  Automatic ticket assignment & nudge configuration for desk owner & agent  Receive feedback from the user on the FAQ & Ticket resolution  Detailed analytics & downloadable reportsHelpdesk allows to you personalize your bot scripts , setup GIFs , and smart talk for the basic chit chat .Read Documentation about Helpdesk →Need help Send your inquiry at [email protected] and we’d be delighted to assist.