Helix ALMHelix ALM Slack Integration

The Helix ALM Slack integration simplifies team collaboration through your entire application development lifecycle. Have conversations with your team about Helix ALM items and automatically push them to Helix ALM to preserve them.You must have a Helix ALM license to use the integration.With this integration, you can:•    Share a link to a Helix ALM item in a Slack post and automatically see a quick overview of it. All Helix ALM item types are supported—issues, requirements, requirement documents, test cases, and test runs. Any comments previously added to the item are shown in the conversation thread.•    Automatically capture replies about Helix ALM items as workflow events to keep track of conversations.•    Push information from Helix ALM to Slack by creating triggers that call the Helix ALM Slack application webhook. For example, let your team know when someone adds or updates an issue.

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