HallwaySpontaneous watercooler/hallway video chats for remote teams

Spontaneous break rooms to encourage watercooler/hallway conversations for remote teamsHallway helps remote teams bond by posting short video break rooms in your team channels and DMs. Get your team taking breaks and talking, even while remote through low-effort frequent breaks. Use it in company or conference Slack workspaces.If you’re working remote and miss those spontaneous face-to-face interactions when you bump into a co-worker in the hallway or office kitchen, Hallway can help! It combats workplace loneliness and will keep your team engaged and connected.- Set up spontaneous breaks that happen randomly a certain number of times a day
– Set up scheduled breaks at specific times
– Randomly match people up 1:1 roulette-style for a short spontaneous break
– Create a break room on demand by typing /hallway break
– Customize working hours, days of week, break length and more
– Get weekly analytics reports so that you know how much your team is engaging with each otherJoin over 800 teams using Hallway at companies like IBM, Gojek, Coursera, Nextdoor and Pivotal. Featured in TechCrunch and the WSJInstall Hallway from our website with one click and add it to your team or special interest group channels. It’s free to start.Hallway vs Donut
Hallway is focused on spontaneous low-effort conversations. It’s a set-it-and-forget experience that doesn’t require a ton of work to manage but produces results. Bring some spontaneity back to your team!Contact [email protected] with any questions

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