GooderaGoodera provides volunteering experiences to employees, teams and families, powering volunteering for 1 million employees in 100+ cities.

Goodera app is the ultimate app to help you realize your corporate vision of creating social impact. The app seamlessly integrates your Goodera account with your Slack workspace and takes care of the entire volunteering cycle, helping manage registrations, mark attendance, generate reports, share photos and feedback, to ensure that your volunteering event is impactful for the beneficiaries and fulfilling for your volunteers. Get reminders to stay up-to-date about upcoming events and details about events that your employees have registered for.To install this app, your organization must be registered on the Goodera Volunteering platform and you must also be an admin for your Goodera account. If so, you will be able to install this app by signing in on the Goodera platform during the app installation process. If you are not using the platform yet or you are having any problem during installation, please reach out to us at [email protected] questions or want to learn more? Drop us a line at [email protected]: A paid account is necessary to use this app.

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