Good4Work (beta) Easy-to-use team recognition & performance tool to improve teamwork

In a remote environment, if you don’t get to know your team members, show appreciation, and play to people’s strengths, it quickly leads to trust issues, dysfunctional teams, or burnout.   Good4work is like a recognition and performance management tool for teams to identify your team members’ strengths and positive impact from where you are, including Slack. At the same time, it provides insights on team performance to help managers improve teamwork. Because it’s always hard to start with a blank sheet to give meaningful kudos, you can find kudo definition, templates, and ideas by accessing the library of kudos and our templated messages in Good4work. You have free access for one month to these free resources.What you can do:Within Slack, any team members or managers who joined your Good4work workspace and present in your Slack workspace (email addresses need to match) can welcome, thank you, send multi-directional and contextual kudos for skills or soft skills.. You can send Kudos to a team of up to 20 people, to multiple people in the same temporary project, or to a single person.
Kudos are divided between skills (expertise) and soft skills (behaviors).
  You can scroll down the kudos list and pick the best kudo to value one or several team members. .   Then, you’ll be able to find out and play to your teammates’ strengths by consulting individual and team profiles at any time on Good4work. .   In your activity feed, you’ll be able to access all the positive messages sent across the board in multiple teams .   You’ll have insights to see people’s positive impacts and contributions to your team performance.Slash commands:• Give a kudo to someone: /g4w-kudo @name
• Welcome someone: /g4w-welcome @name
• Say Thank You to someone: /g4w-thanks @nameYou can use commands to target multiple people.I.e., give the same kudo to a list of individuals: /g4w-kudo @name1 @name2or /g4w-thanks @name1 @name2or /g4w-welcome @name1 @name2 @name3—————————————————————————————-
If you need more:
1-  Learn more about Good4work
If you’re not quite sure what Good4work is all about, check out the website
Go to website2- Get in touch with Good4work support
Want to add new kudos? Let us know what you want.
Contact Good4work support3- Watch the helpful videos describing the functionality of the application
Kudo giving description
Messaging description4- Share Good4work with your team
Invite your co-worker for free for a 1-month trial to join your team in your Good4work workspace – No credit card required – A team is up to 20 people and you can create multiple teams.5- Get in touch with Slack support
Have a question about Good4work? Get help directly from Slack’s support team.