Gmelius Unlock real-time collaboration from Slack to Gmail and back.

The Gmelius integration makes Gmail & Slack better.No need to leave Slack to take action on your inbox. Receive real-time Slack alerts on your team’s inbox and workflows so you can collaborate on emails right from Slack.Sync your shared inboxes in Gmail to corresponding Slack channels.
For example:
[email protected] to #sales
[email protected] to #support
Receive real-time alerts and collaborate with your team to manage group emails. Improve response times and satisfaction rates to your [email protected] email address. Close more deals on your [email protected] Gmail Shared Labels to Slack
Create shareable Gmail labels with Gmelius and sync their activity to Slack. Receive alerts on incoming emails, outgoing replies, and internal team notes for all conversations in your shared label.Easily share and assign emails
Gmelius can turn your inbox into a help desk and the Slack integration makes ticket management more efficient. Assign emails, receive alerts when an email gets assigned, and when statuses have been changed on tickets from Pending to Closed.Add notes to your threads to provide context to your teams
Create chat-style notes alongside their respective emails for behind the scenes collaboration, which updates in real-time in Gmail or Slack. No more bcc or fwd!The Power of Gmelius & Slack
Gmelius brings together team collaboration and workflow automation on the two most efficient channels for workplace communications: Slack & Email.
Our integration consolidates your data and communications, makes information visible to everyone on your team, so they can take action in their preferred environment, whether in Slack or Gmail. WHO IS GMELIUS?
We offer a unique collaboration platform that integrates with the tools your teams already use and love like Gmail and G Suite, Slack or Trello. No need to migrate your data nor train your teams on another application. Company’s data is de-siloed and productivity increased by minimizing the back-and-forth between apps and automating key processes. Work together, everywhere!You can sign up for Gmelius for a Free Trial. Then you can choose a plan suited to the needs of your team, from Free to Enterprise. integrate Slack, you first need to install Gmelius on your Gmail Account. Next step will be to integrate the Slack channel where you’d like to take action on your inbox.
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