Gator Smart scheduled delivery for your Slack messages.

I’m GatorDo you ever send Slack messages to people in different time zones? Or use Slack after hours but don’t want to disturb your coworkers at home? Or maybe you just want to schedule a Slack message to get delivered later?I can helpWhen you send a message to someone using /gator, I wait to deliver the message until 9:00 AM in their time zone. Once you schedule a message, you can customize when it gets delivered or even ask me to deliver it as soon as I spot your recipient online in Slack./gator works in direct messages, group messages, and both public and private channels. Your message will appear as if you sent it normally, and you can use @ mentions, emoji, links, or anything else you would put in a normal message.Give it a tryWhen you first use /gator I’ll ask you to authorize me to send messages on your behalf. After that, try sending a /gator message like this:/gator Hey can we reschedule our meeting with @charlie today? Once you create a message, you can use the menu to its right to do things like:• Customize when you want the message delivered
• Turn off early delivery for that message
• Send the message immediately
• Cancel and delete the message
• See all your pending Gator messages (also available through /gator list)Secure by designThe messages you send with Gator are encrypted in transit and during storage. Gator also erases your message’s contents immediately after delivery, so most messages you send with Gator will be stored on our servers for less than 24 hours.And yes! Gator is GDPR and CCPA compliant.And now you’re ready!After you install Gator in your workspace, anyone you work with can use Gator for six weeks for free. You can say /gator upgrade at any time to learn more about upgrading to a paid Gator plan.Need more help? Find me on Twitter at @slashgator or email me at the address below.Happy Gatoring!