Gappie Chat Bot for email marketers and deliverability experts that has been launched by G-Lock Software (GlockApps)

Gappie is a bot that will make sure your email campaigns always deliver directly to your customers inbox.Resolve Issues Before They Become Problems-  check if your domain is protected
–  detect email configuration issues
–  check your IPs against 30+ of the most common industry blacklistsValidate domain recordsJust send “/domain” to Gappie to receive reports on your DMARC, SPF and MX DNS records and take immediate action.Check IP ReputationInstantly check your IPs against more than 30 of the most common industry blacklists including Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS and Invaluement.Get instant notifications from DMARC Analytics the second anything suspicious occurs:- a drop in your DMARC compliance rate
– a surge of email traffic from your domain
– changes in the DMARC or SPF DNS records
– DKIM or SPF authentication failures in traffic from your legitimate sourcesPlus alerts from:- Inbox Insight Automatic Tests
– IP Reputation
– Bounce MonitorLet Gappie monitor the health of your Email Marketing Campaigns