Front Desk Assistant Modern visitor registration Automate frontdesk/reception/lobby. Ipad sign-in. Security and compliance

Get a smarter front desk with FrontDesk Assistant. Just ask your visitors to give their details when they walk in and we’d take care of the rest. We notify the host on Slack so that they can come to the reception to meet their guest.Simplify your visitor management
Beautiful iPad/PC/Mobile sign-in to modernize your frontdesk and brings a smile to your visitors. Visitors register themselves or the host can preregister them. Take pictures and remind the host when the visitor arrives. Customize the sign in form with your own branding.Once the host if notified in Slack, they can come immediately, let the receptionist know they are running late, ask for a substitute or even tell the frondesk person to send the visitor away (sorry pushy sales person).Awesome Dashboard
Get a detailed log of the visitors, why they came in and whom they met.
Have visitors sign NDAs and synced to your Google Drive.
Emergency preparedness – Know the list of visitors and their hosts who are currently in the premises.Download visitor reports as excel files including photos of the visitors.