Front Desk A Visitor Management System for Slack and Alexa

Delight your visitorsFront Desk offers the easiest visitor management system available. Be up and running in only 10 minutes to delight your visitors and handle deliveries with smoothest and most natural check-in process on the market.
Visitors use Amazon Alexa to tell Front Desk who they are, and who they have come to see, and we take care of the rest.Goodbye, check-in tablets!Front Desk knows your team members with Slack. Whenever anyone in your Slack team receives a visitor, Front Desk sends them a notification.When a visitor arrives, they check in by sayingAlexa, ask Front Desk to check me inand Front Desk walks them through a simple registration conversation, then notifies the team member they have come to see in Slack.When a delivery arrives, they can notify your team by sayingAlexa, tell Front Desk there is a deliveryor request a signature by sayingAlexa, tell Front Desk I need a signatureTo get started you will need to install the Front Desk Alexa Skill and link your Slack team.To install the Alexa skill and link the account, go to our install page and follow the three simple steps.That’s all there is to it, enjoy!Front Desk requires a subscription to use on an ongoing basis. A free plan is available, and everyone can get started for free by joining the free beta.