Friday Automate Routine Updates (daily standups, weekly updates, check-ins, and more)

Friday is the easiest way to automate routine communication and updates at work. Create and customize a communication workflow in minutes. Friday automates everything except filling out the update itself, so you can spend less time begging people for updates and more time building stuff.Pick a template or create your own workflow from scratch: Daily Standups (scrum)
1-1 Meetings
Weekly Updates
Sprint RetrospectivesYou can customize every part of the workflow, including:
– cadence (daily/weekly/bi-weekly, etc)
– audience (who should respond)
– questions (open-ended, numeric, sentiment, emoji , and more)
– reminders (so people don’t forget)
– anonymity (mask names)When giving an update, you can also perform additional activities (optional) like: Send recognition (kudos) to coworkers
Offer an idea or suggestion to make work betterThis makes giving updates way more fun and feel a lot less like work How the Slack integration works:
– When it’s time to give an update, people will receive a DM directly in Slack
– When people give an update, you can push responses to a particular channel
– If someone forgets, they will receive another DM that reminds them to give an update (you can configure this)
– You can also easily send kudos with the /kudos slash commandGet started for free:- Signup for a free account on Friday
– Invite your team (make sure the email addresses matches the ones you use in Slack)
– Create and customize a workflow
– Sit back and wait for the updates to start rolling in