Frame The essential toolkit for working with customers in Slack channels

Frame helps you stay on top of every important channel in Slack. You get the best parts of a ticketing system — without leaving Slack, and without your customers being aware.Just invite @Frame to any channel where you work directly with customers.Who uses Frame?
Technical customer support. Customer success managers. Solutions/integrations engineers. Partnership managers. Internal support teams (IT/Devops). Anyone who needs to provide important support and collaboration.App highlights:
• Smarter notifications that help you stay on top of conversations with less effort. Notify the right people on your team when a conversation is waiting or when it has gone idle without being resolved. You’ll never miss a thread again.
• Connect Slack to Salesforce, Zendesk, and other internal tools — push conversation records (with transcript) to them with the push of a button or automatically every time a conversation ends.
• Review “active time” analytics to understand your team’s responsiveness and how much effort everyone is spending — across all customer channels and your team members.Typical environments:
• Shared channels with your customers
• Customers as single-channel guests in your own Slack workspace
• “Community” Slack workspaces where you invite all your customersPricing:
• Free per-channel analytics for unlimited channels.
• Tiered pricing for additional in-channel features to help you scale
• Enterprise pricing for custom solutionsSupport:
To get live help, start a DM with the @frame user — you’ll be connected directly to the Frame support team.