FormsCreate and manage forms in Slack!

Let your team create, manage and use forms all in Slack! The Forms app is the only Slack app available that lets your team manage forms right in your Slack workspace.With all the chatter of Slack, Forms ensure that the important information is always sent through. No more time spent requesting additional information or digging through lengthy responses in support channels that miss out vital bits of information. Forms are easy to manage and easy to use: Use the built-in dashboard to create the form you want
 Assign it a name, description and titles for your fields
 Assign the channels or keyword that will trigger the form
 Search for all your forms in Slack
Edit, preview and delete forms without needing a separate login
 Submitted form responses will be formatted and sent to the channelWe’ve also added 5 different form input types. Each input can have its own title assigned so user’s know exactly what information to submit. You can add to your form: Single line inputs for quick answers like URL’s
Multi-line inputs for descriptions and explanations
Date pickers
Channel selectors that will load in all the public channels from your workspace
User selectors that will let forms users select users in their form submissionForms can be assigned to specific channels or can be triggered by a keyword. Just use the /form keyword slash command to trigger the form with your keyword or assign it to a channel and let people open up your form by just sending /form.Every team can use forms to improve the information flow of their Slack team. Forms help ensure that structured information is well-formatted and not lost, while conversations can continue to happen. The Slack Forms app is perfect for: Teams with support channels
Teams that want to collect anonymous feedback
Responses that require users to submit a date, user or channel
When you need responses to have mandatory fields==== Privacy ====
We’ve worked with some of the biggest teams on Slack to ensure that our app works securely within your organization. We ensure this by: Never logging or storing your message information
Using the official Slack API
Only requesting permissions that are needed
Not requiring user level access
Encrypting basic information needed about your workspace using advanced encryption standards==== Pricing ====
We have a generous 30 day, unlimited access free trial available for you to test out the app.
Our pricing below ensures we can continue to update the app with new features that come to Slack, and that we can provide customer support to your team. Basic ($20 / month) – Unlimited messages and access for up to 10 peopleContact us for custom, non-profit or enterprise plans.If you have any questions we’d love to chat!

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