Foodsby Never forget to order lunch again with Foodsby for Slack!

Foodsby brings better lunch delivery experiences to office workers everywhere. We make it easy for employees in office buildings to get lunch delivered by a guaranteed time from nearby restaurants.  Why order lunch with Foodsby? It allows you to:
– Stay productive. With Foodsby, you never have to wonder what you’re going to do for lunch again. Each day you get a curated list of restaurant options to choose from, and your food is always delivered fresh and on time.  
– Experience more food variety. The list of restaurant options is always expanding and changing, which means you never have to eat the same thing two days in a row.
– Spend less on lunch. Delivery is only $1.99 and there is no tipping or minimums on orders.  
– Never feel hangry again! You have enough things to worry about at work⁠—lunch shouldn’t be one of them. Foodsby helps you turn hangry into happy.  With Foodsby for Slack, you can:
– See a list of the restaurants delivering to you each day.
– Customize when reminders get posted in your channel.  
– See the list in real-time by asking the bot “what’s for lunch?”Don’t have a Foodsby account yet? Sign up here and let us take lunch off your plate!