Flux Flux is an internal mobility platform that engages, develops, and retains your workforce.

Flux is an internal mobility platform that uses work within the organization as a tool for employee development.Employees close skill gaps through part-time projects, apply their strengths in new contexts through rotations and help others grow through mentorship. With Flux, employees can explore career paths within the organization and connect directly with the work that can get them there. Meanwhile, management better understands their talent base and who could take on new roles the moment they are opened, from full-time positions to critical tasks only requiring a few hours to complete.Employees are represented in the platform by the skills and experiences they have acquired as well as interests and work preferences, allowing hiring managers to find that high potential Product Manager who just so happens to be sitting in Customer Support right now. Our mission at Flux is achieving tangible employee development and helping businesses get what they need done as quickly, effectively, and fairly as possible. Everyone grows.