FloQastAccess FloQast content and functionality directly from Slack, making your month-end close even more efficient.

FloQast is close management software created by accountants for accountants to help accounting teams close faster and more accurately. It provides a single place to manage the close and give everyone visibility. FloQast works with your existing checklists and Excel to work the way your team does to better manage the close. On average FloQast customers close three days faster.The FloQast-Slack integration allows users to interact with FloQast from within Slack – both by accessing data and receiving important updates from FloQast, and posting information from Slack to FloQast.The FloQast Slack app includes the following features:- FloQast Review Notes are fully integrated with Slack. When a new Review Note is created, its assignee receives a Slack notification including the context and content of the new note. The assignee can then reply to the Review Note, and change its status, directly from the notification. A full record of the Review Note is maintained in FloQast, regardless of whether any updates were made in FloQast or via Slack.
– Users can receive important notifications from FloQast via Slack. Examples include notifications for late items assigned to you, items that are fully prepared and ready for your assigned review, accounts relevant to you that are out-of-balance, and a daily or weekly summary of your activity on FloQast. Users can set their own preferences for which notifications they want to receive via Slack.
– Users can also query FloQast from the Slack app. Typing ‘/fq late’ anywhere within Slack returns a list of late items assigned to you. Typing ‘/fq today’ or ‘/fq tomorrow’ returns a list of all items assigned to you that are due today or tomorrow, respectively.Users can get a full list of features available in the FloQast app by typing ‘/fq help’ from anywhere within Slack.

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