Finisher Organize your team’s tasks into streamlined visual workflows and checklists

Finisher lets your team organize tasks into streamlined visual workflows. New hire on-boarding, website deployment, business travel, hiring new talent, or manufacturing — all of these processes can be visualized to keep their assignees on the same page.As soon as a task in the workflow gets completed, users assigned to tasks that follow get immediately notified on Slack (by the Finisher app), and asked to work on their task. Tasks can be started and completed either directly from Slack by clicking on message buttons, or from the web app.How Finisher works?1. Define a workflow template reflecting your process — Create a workflow template using intuitive drag and drop interface that reflects your team’s process. Define task assignees, notifications, output of tasks, branching rules and more.
2. Start the workflow — Start a workflow from previously created template. The workflow can be edited after it has been started should you need to make adjustments.
3. Collaborate on the workflow — Team members get notified when tasks leading up to their task get completed. The workflow visually updates to keep everybody on the same page.Finisher helps you Bring order to complex and repetitive tasks involving any number of people
Visualize the workflow from beginning to end to keep everybody on the same page
Cut human error by clearly defining who does what and when.
Share progress to your workflows with customers or other external stakeholders.
Reduce idle time between tasks Users get notified when preceding task gets completed.
Keep record of who did what and when