Fellow Meeting agendas, action items, and feedback – all in one place

Meetings being booked without a purpose or going completely off-topic? Fellow’s Slack integration transforms meetings into productive work sessions you’ll want to attend.. . .What is Fellow?The ripple effect of a great meeting is an engaged and productive team. Fellow is where teams gather to build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. This app will help you have productive team meetings and meaningful 1-on-1s.. . .Features Overview
– Manage meeting agendas from Slack
– Turn Slack messages into agenda items
– Send meeting reminders, meeting notes, and action items
– Automate meeting recaps
– Send and respond to feedback about meetings, projects, and performance
– Create agenda templates for recurring meetings and one-on-ones (1:1s). . .How to boost our meeting productivity with Fellow’s Slack integration:Encourage everyone to show up prepared
– Get daily reminders to prepare for your upcoming meetings and an overview of your action items for the day. The Fellow Slack bot features a daily digest and customized reminders, all designed to help you boost meeting productivity.Manage your meeting agenda from Slack
– Skip the back and forth messaging and give your team the gift of focus. With Slack Actions, you can easily move a conversation from Slack to a meeting agenda to flag it for follow-up.Automate your workflow using Workflow Steps
– Avoid repetitive processes. With this integration, you can automatically share a meeting agenda to a Slack channel at a particular time, create action items in Fellow whenever an emoji reaction is used on Slack, and more!
– Pro tip: Set up a workflow to automatically send meeting notes to a channel before every team meeting and one-on-one (1-1), so that everyone is on top of the agenda and has time to contribute their thoughts!See the big picture with Fellow’s Slack App Home
– Fellow’s Slack App Home is a dashboard that shows you recent activity, meetings to prepare for, and quick actions, so you have everything you need to prepare and improve your meetings without needing to leave Slack!. . .Try Fellow for free and connect to Slack at https://fellow.app/integrations/slack/ or contact our team at [email protected]