Everyday Toolkit All the little time-saving tools you need every day.

Reduce context-switching. Save time. Do more in Slack.
Everyday Toolkit is a collection of 12 productivity micro-apps for Slack that saves you time and reduces context-switching by letting you do more in Slack. Complete everyday tasks like finding images or word definitions, calculating currency conversions, or generating passwords without ever leaving Slack. Employees switch between job-critical applications more than 1,000 times every day.
Research has shown that switching between apps makes it harder to get essential work done. And yet, most people waste over half an hour each day switching between tools.Everyday Toolkit currently includes the following micro-tools to save you time by reducing context-switching and doing more in Slack: Find
•    Google Image Search – find and share images
•    Stock Image Search – find and share beautiful royalty-free images
•    Dictionary – saves time opening the hard copy
•    Thesaurus – quick synonyms to improve your turn of phrase Calculate
•    World Time – check what time it is for your colleagues across the world
•    Metrics – convert distance, time, weights, volumes and more
•    Currency – from one currency to another with the latest FX rates
•    Percentage Calculator – some welcome help for those a little rusty with percentages
•    Word & Character Count – helps with those character-limited fields Generate
•    Secure Password Generator – ultra-secure passwords in just a click
•    Random Number/Word Generator – completely random, or define a range
•    Placeholder Text Generator – see how your documents will look with copyAll tools are accessible through simple slash commands, or use the point and click interface in App Home.‼️ Bonus Tools We’ve added a few extras for a bit of added fun
•    Gif – find and share GIFs from Giphy, but with a Next and Previous button to cycle through results!
•    Stickers – find and share animated stickers from Giphy
•    Text – find and share animated text from Giphy Get your two-week free trial now. Only $0.20 per user per month thereafter. We’re adding more tools regularly, but please send us a request if what you’re looking for isn’t there yet, or if you experience any issues with the app!