EverhourBring time tracking directly into your team’s conversation

Time tracking events at the right Slack channelWho starts a timer and for what task?This could be useful to see if the person works on the right task. Suppose you have a team meeting and after it, you see a person starts a timer for an absolutely different task. Why? Did we misunderstand one another? React quickly to find out and rectify.Time adjustmentsLet’s imagine a situation when you asked a colleague to edit time in a report a client is waiting for. When you see a notification about the change, there is no need to waste time asking a colleague whether it is done or not.Estimate adjustmentsThis is cool to have to know that the estimate was changed for some reason or wrongly set at the beginning.Give Everhour a try with our free 14 day trial. Pricing starts at just $5/user/month.

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