DucalisIssue Prioritization Tool

Wallow in an endless sea of “important” issues in a task tracker backlog? Especially working remotely?
Figure out what is really crucial for your product at this point!
Ducalis is a tool that will help you see the vector of your project by prioritizing all the issues your teams have in the backlog. Grooming is vital if you don’t want your teams to undertake outdated, useless, or unimportant tasks. Synch teams and grow them stronger as all the members obtain further insight into their teammates’ issues and feel that their opinions do matter.
•    Sign up with Ducalis.io.
•    Connect your task tracker and import all the issues in a minute.
•    Or use Ducalis.io as a task tracker.
•    Assigning scores and recalling issues and criteria take seconds.
•    Create multiple boards to manage different projects or issue types.
•    Create various teams for the boards to take into account different points of view.
•    Create your custom evaluation criteria, crucial for your business, or use our criteria templates.
•    Set weekly reminders in Slack to make the prioritization your teams’ main habit.

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