DubbGet real-time engagement notifications from your Dubb videos

With the Dubb Slack App, you receive real-time Slack notifications of email opens, page views and video views for videos made on the Dubb Platform.Break communication barriers, build trust, and streamline your communication by embedding trackable screen, webcam and mobile videos directly into Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, SMS and more.Dubb is a video communication suite that includes a Slack App, Chrome Extension, mobile app and website where you can manage a portfolio of personalized videos to share with your network.  Here are some of the benefits of using Dubb:- Increase engagement rates of your emails by over 100%
– Decrease the amount of time it takes to write emails by using video instead
– Make sales pitches, tutorials, explanations, demos, lesson plans and more easy-to-understand with screen recordings
– Get new business contacts to get to know and trust you by seeing personalized videos recorded on your phone or webcamThere are limit uses cases for Dubb. Here are some of the different types of professions that use Dubb:- Sales & Marketing
– Support
– Real Estate
– Education
– Technology
– Design
– Finance & Business
– Government & Non-Profit
– Health
– Legal
– Training
– ScienceTo get started download the Dubb Chrome Extension, install the mobile app and signup on dubb.com.Dubb – Video Yourself.™

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