Druva for Slack eDiscoveryCollect and preserve Slack data for Legal Hold and eDiscovery

– Comprehensive legal hold: Collect, preserve and hold all Slack data for legal matters, including custodians, channels, messages, files, snippets, workspaces and multiple orgs.- Retained and isolated data: Retain data in immutable snapshots, for select custodians, as required by law, even when employees depart or data is corrupted or accidentally deleted.- Data integrity: Preserve data, including user modifications, without tampering timestamps and keep tamper-proof court-admissible admin log, including electronic chain of custody.- eDiscovery integration and fast downloads: Speed up data download times, seamlessly integrate with eDiscovery platforms and realize flexible eDiscovery data mining.Learn more about how Druva can help you implement legal hold and eDiscovery across Slack and other SaaS and endpoints workloads.
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