Droplr – Screenshots + MarkupInstant Screenshots and Markup with Annotations in Slack.

Droplr is a remote collaboration tool that makes communication easy by simplifying the flow of information. Thanks to the integration with Slack, you can import drops (i.e. the files you share in a link: screenshots, screencasts, notes, etc.) directly into your Slack conversations. All it takes is ⌘+V or Ctrl+V, depending on your operating system.- Speak clearly and make sure you’re understood. It takes one click to add visuals to your Slack conversations.
– Receive instant feedback. The integration allows users to annotate screenshots in the browser, directly from Slack, which lets you communicate faster and clearer.
– Send any type of files via Slack. Droplr sends files in a short link, which makes it possible to send even large files.Learn more about how to use Droplr for Slack: https://droplr.com/blog/how-to-use-droplr-in-slack

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