Dr. Whoo Work Together. Live together. With Understanding.

People often don’t leave work because they don’t enjoy their job. They often leave because of workplace conflict, stress and not knowing how to communicate with their coworkers and team leaders.Concord Teams is on a mission to end this.We simply help people learn to understand themselves and to ‘better communicate’ with each other.We will help your teams with their very own AI Bot known as Dr.Whoo. Concord Teams & Dr.Whoo will assist your staff to:
-Become more self-aware of their unique strengths.
-Increase their EQ by giving them a better understanding of themselves and the people around them.
-Understand how they respond to pressure and change.
-Resolve conflict by offering individualised tips for your teams to better get along.
-Do weekly ‘check-ins’ that will provide your organisation with a regular ‘organisational health survey’.Concord Shortcuts | Why Concord Teams |   WebsiteConcord Teams is a world-first application that provides PD training to your workplace every day! All Dr Whoo. enquiries are derived from powerful algorithms ensuring all information is targeted uniquely to their Concord Type.Dr.Whoo for Slack is the free (lite) version of our Concord Teams Premium Workplace PD Training Program.For access & information on the premium features of Concord Teams Workplace Training Program refer to the Concord Teams website https://concordteams.com/ or email [email protected] any support related to Dr.Whoo Slack contact us at [email protected] developers at [email protected]*** Quickly activate Dr.Whoo by typing the word Concord or Dr.Whoo in the channel.
      Remember, Dr. Whoo must be invited to that channel first.