DoropomoIncrease productivity with a simple, yet effective time tracker.

Bring Doropomo into Slack with a few simple commands. In order to track time efficiently, and increase productivity within your team, we’ve created a simple, but effective time tracker. Doropomos will help you be productive like never before, by working for specific time intervals, and taking short breaks after each interval. Customize your Settings Before you get started, customize the Settings according to your liking. Decide on how long a Doropomo should last, when the short & long break occur, and for how long they should last. Create your to-do list In order to get started, create your to-do list for the day by adding tasks and the number of Doropomos for each task. Start the timer Now that you’ve set everything, it’s time to start the clock, and we’ll notify you each time when it’s time to take a break. Doropomo lets you track your distractions, review your completed tasks, export reports and more. For more information please visit:

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