DoDo English chatbot

Bring the knowledge in Wikipedia to your Slack team!DoDo is a smart chatbot powered by AI and deep learning. It can answer any encyclopedia question you come up within a second. With DoDo in your Slack, you are the smartest guy all over the world!You can ask DoDo:
What was the 50th state to join the United States of America?DoDo will tell you:
HawaiiWhen you ask DoDo:
Which American President was the teddy bear named after?DoDo will let you know:
President Theodore “Teddy” RooseveltYou can even ask DoDo some complicated questions, such as:
Why do geese honk while flying?DoDo knows that:
Some fowl, such as geese, “honk” while in migration to communicate location and proximity to others in their flock.Do you want to try your own questions? Connect it to your Slack workspace. And it is FREE!For more details, you can find our mechanics here:
Please contact developers at [email protected] for more information.