doctorSIM IMEI LookupPhone Specs and Blacklist Info

Identify any phone based on its IMEI number!
Check if it is blacklisted against over 150 network operators from 57 countries!
Obtain info regarding the original phone operator!Available commands:
• /whatphone Get specs on a phone based on its IMEI/MEID
• /isblacklisted Check whether a phone is blacklisted
• /isatt Did the phone originally come from AT&T
• /how Help and list of more commands!Checks are FREE and UNLIMITED for phone spec and AT&T origin check.
Checks for blacklisted lookups are limited initially to 10 lookups. If you need additional lookups you can sign up for an account here: can check pricing and account balance with:
• /pricing
• /getbalanceHappy Checking!

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