Dixi AppStandup bot for asynchronous daily standup (scrum) meetings.

DixiApp – The #1 daily scrum bot for Slack & the best way to conduct asynchronous daily standup meetings.Hot Features that make DixiApp the best asynchronous daily stand up meeting app on Slack:  Create & run multiple standups.
Schedule standups as per a participant’s timezone or use a common timezone for all.
Receive automated reports in real-time right on Slack.
Customizable standup questions.
Modify the schedule or pause a standup on the fly.
Sync in-house and remote teams with ease.
All features are completely FREE to use.Who is DixiApp Perfect For? Any team that runs daily standup meetings irrespective of size. Small (<10), medium (10-30), and large (>30) sized teams run successful daily scrum meetings on DixiApp.
Teams looking to fully automate their daily standups for maximum efficiency.
Scrum Masters looking for a streamlined method of running daily scrum meetings with in-house and virtual teams.
Projects that involve diverse teams located across the world.Is it easy to use DixiApp? You bet! Check out the walk-through below.Need more information? Visit our website: www.dixiapp.com
or, Contact us at [email protected]

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