Dibs On Stuff Claim a resource for a while, or jump in the line for it!

Dibs On Stuff is a Slack interface for using conchable.com. Dibs lets you “call dibs” on various resources within your team. For example, claiming a staging server, eg: /dibs on staging, or letting the team know that you’re done with the staging server: /dibs off staging.Dibs On Stuff uses Conchable to maintain the current queue of people waiting for a resource. So if for example someone were to call dibs on the shower: /dibs on shower and then a further four people were to call dibs on the shower, then those four people would be in the queue for the shower (hope there’s enough hot water!) the queue can be viewed at any time with /dibs queue shower.When someone hops out of the shower and gets back to their desk, they could run: /dibs off shower, and the next person in the queue would be notified on Slack.