Dash The missing motivator for Slack

Dash is a way to quickly gather people across Slack into a new temporary and time-boxed channel to get work done.Just use the /dash command to create a new channel with the team members you’d like to invite. You’ll be asked to provide an end date and time and decide whether your channel will be private or public. It works just like a regular Slack channel, but the deadline keeps the topic focused and goal-oriented. You can easily share the results to another channel that the task is done and archive the Dash channel easily to keep things tidy. Boosh!Dash channels are perfect for gathering team members across your workspace in your organization and keeping your main channels nice and tidy. Think about using them for launching a new feature for your website, keeping track of everyone on a business trip or planning your next happy hour. It’s also way better than using group DMs! Dash channels are prepended with a dash to keep them at the top of mind and easier to find in searches both when open and archived.How do I use Dash?
To use Dash for slack, type this one-line command anywhere:
/dash project name @participant-1 @participant-2 …For example: Let’s say you’re planning a company offsite with a few members of your team:
/dash may offsite @matt @gina @phil @jeremy @AdamYou’ll be asked to set the end date and time for when your Dash is complete as well as set the channel’s privacy. Your new Dash channel #-may-offsite will be created and your team members will be invited.Once the end date happens, the creator of the Dash channel will be asked to Finish & Archive the channel. That’s a great time to share the outcome with other channels so your team can know about all the work you did!Learn more at www.dashforslack.com