Customer.ioSend Slack messages to your team, triggered by user behavior in your product or app.’s Slack action allows you to send Slack notifications to your team, powered by user behavior in your product or app. Reach through the noise to pick up important signals and respond proactively to customers by creating notifications which surface important behaviors at critical times.Create specific channels for behaviours to monitor, like #new-users or #VIPcustomers, or add notifications to existing ones. For example, you can set up to learn exactly when…* You receive a new signup from a customer with high MRR
* A customer increased their plan to enterprise account
* A VIP customer increases key red-flag activity, like data exports
* Target leads sign up, with specific persona title (“VP of Product” for example)
* A customer bounces from onboarding, or displays signs of brings customer activity from your app and into your Slack team, making it transparent and immediately actionable.Start a free 30-day trial on our site, or contact us with any questions at [email protected]

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