Cronycle Send your Cronycle Board Notifications and Content to Slack Channels

Cut through the content noise with Cronycle – the all-in-one collaborative platform for discovering, curating, organizing, enriching and publishing content.Cronycle boosts productivity so you waste less time skimming through irrelevant content and assembling a multitude of tools.It is the only content platform made for collaboration first. It empowers small and large companies to leverage teams’ collective intelligence and diversity. This is critical to efficiently monitor news, avoid blind spots, analyse impacts, enrich and share (internally or externally).  Our AI engine also saves you time by surfacing relevant content for over 50 000 Topics.You can easily publish curated content saved on your Cronycle boards to websites, Social Media, feeds, newsletters, Slack and more. This integration from Cronycle boards to Slack is currently available for pro and enterprise customers only. You can check more about the pricing at clients in publishing, marketing and corporations have seen great improvements in relation to the value they get from content and the level of collaboration, both leading to higher quality and productivity.