Connected Capture On-PremOn-Premise Compliance Solution by Smarsh

Slack enables employees to collaborate across your organization and increase productivity. In doing so, it also creates millions of electronic records every day, opening enterprises up to risk for data loss, breach, and non-compliance with regulatory mandates.Connected Capture On-Prem is the compliant capture solution for Slack content from Smarsh. Slack content is captured direct from the source in its original format. Connected Capture On-Prem for Slack enables: Native & Comprehensive Compliance
Smarsh provides native compliance and governance for Slack content, including the capture of channel messages, direct messages, files and links. Policy controls can be applied to content at a global level to help meet regulatory, legal, and corporate obligations. Content Protection
All Slack content can be inspected to flag leakage of sensitive information, suspicious behavior, and/or abusive language. Administrators can set up alerts to flag keywords across messages and in-file text to pinpoint any violations in real-time. Automated Archiving
Connected Capture On-Prem can send all content automatically to the Connected Archive – the Smarsh integrated, immutable and context-aware archive – for accurate, fast, and highly effective search, e-discovery, and case management or to another email archive of choice. A Connected Capture On-Prem license is required to install this app. To purchase a license, please get in touch with our sales team:

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