ComentReview, comment and approve all your documents in Slack

With Coment, you can comment, review and approve all your favorite documents directly on Slack:* Comment with your team, in one click, directly on the document
* Access directly who reviewed and approved your documents
* No account needed
* Invite people outside your workspace to comment on the document-> Have faster / more efficient backs and forths and handle feedback better, even from your smartphoneHow does it work ?The app needs to be invited (/invite @Coment) in a public or private channel to be available on that channel.
Then, every time you add a document to that channel, the app will automatically ask you if you want your team to comment, review or approve. If you select ‘Yes’, the app replies with a link to comment on it and review/approve it.Supported formats: PDF, images (png, jpeg,…), Office (Word, Powerpoint,…).
Coment is currently not available in direct messages.For any questions or feedback, you can contact Antoine at [email protected]

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