Cisco JabberAdding the Cisco Jabber Calling app to your Slack workspace allows you to easily escalate conversations to rich voice and video interactions

The Cisco Jabber calling app allows you to use your enterprise voice and video calling platform directly from Slack. The app integrates Slack with your Cisco Jabber desktop client making calling simple. The native calling buttons in Slack are mapped to Cisco Jabber allowing you to call from Slack direct messaging and contacts views.The integration will work with Cisco Jabber in both soft phone and desk phone calling modes. In soft phone mode calling, voice, video and desk share are all available once you have escalated a conversation in Slack. If your Cisco Jabber client is in desk phone control mode, clicking the call button in Slack will make your desk phone dial your colleague.
You must have Cisco Jabber for Windows or Mac installed and setup to use calling in this app. Your workspace administrator will also need to enable the Cisco calling option within your workspace to use the integration.The Cisco Jabber Calling can also be used with the Cisco Webex Meetings app on Slack enterprise versions. This allows you to use both Cisco meetings and calling directly from your Slack workspace.

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