Cipher Cloud CASB Advanced Security solution for Slack – DLP, UEBA, Malware protection, Sharing controls, channel restrictions, reporting and Encryption.

CipherCloud CASB for Slack provides data compliance rules, deep visibility, adaptive access controls, UEBA, encryption, advanced reporting with investigate. Enterprise can enforce security policies and compliance regulations across Slack Org through malware protection, DLP controls, visibility, control of public sharing, access control to sensitive data, reporting of complete user and device activity. Solution allows granular policy enforcement at Org, Workspace or Channel level. Protect sensitive data with 100+ inbuilt advanced DLP templates and malware engine. Restrict data leak through public links and external channel members. Existing historic data and files in Slack org can be scanned and protected with CipherCloud CASB solution. A paid account is required to use CipherCloud CASB app.
Enable DLP and protection for all major clouds from single platform in any mode.
CipherCloud CASB+ platform provides:
Data-Security Centric CASB solution
Cloud Governance with Deep Visibility
Zero Trust Architecture
Secure Cloud Adoption