Chyme Bot Bots for Business – Work Better

Chyme is both a conversational interface to Enterprise systems and a platform to create your own bots.  Chyme comes prebuilt with bots to fetch your purchase orders from SAP, approve or reject purchase orders, create incidents on ServiceNOW, get notified when an incident is assigned to you on ServiceNOW etc.  If the prebuilt bots are not solving all your needs, you can use the Chyme developer toolkit to create your own bots.  ChymeBot makes all the bots you build this way available in Slack.  To know the bots that are available just send  a DM “Help” to @ChymeBot or alternatively try the command /chymebot help.  To get detailed help on the individual bots try “Help ” or /chymebot her Chyme supports integration with a number of systems including SAP, ServiceNOW, SalesForce, Concur etc. among others.  Using the developer toolkit you can interface with any enterprise system and create your own bots.