Chronoscope Time TrackingAutomated Time Tracking Assistant

Chronoscope is an intelligent time management platform that increases data accuracy and reduces time entry errors.Through an intelligent assistant that integrates with your existing ecosystem, Chronoscope facilitates time entry and provides visibility into data in order to make better business decisions.LET CHRONOSCOPE DO ALL THE WORK
Chronoscope asks each team member what they worked on and makes sure everyone keeps their data up to date.INTEGRATED TO YOUR DAY-TO-DAY TOOLS
Linked to your other everyday tools like Slack and many more, Chronoscope is able to easily help you create precise and relevant time sheetsAUTOMATED REPORTS AND INSIGHTS
Using the collected data, Chronoscope shows you reports and insights on what your team is doing. Keep an up-to-date team-wide overview and detailed project reports.HOW CHRONOSCOPE WORKS WITH SLACK
1 – Chronoscope will create and pre-fill timesheets for each member and notify them through Slack
2 – Your team simply has to review and adjust the generated timesheets in Slack
3 – That’s it ! You now have accurate and up to date time tracking data

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