Chit Chat by Virtue Small talk straight from your home office

Small talk straight from your home office- Coffee machine chats without the bad coffee
Enjoy a few minutes of chatting with a randomly selected colleague from around the company.- Talks on a timer
Mimicking the exact coincidence of coffee machine conversations, Chit Chat connects you to a random colleague for 5 minutes. After which you’ll be connected to someone else.How to set up Chit Chat- Step 1
Install Chit Chat on Slack by clicking the Add to Slack button- Step 2
Connect your Chit Chat with your Slack Account- Step 3
Open up the app and start talkingChit Chat check list- Set a Chit Chat time slot
Make sure you stay connected by setting Chit Chat time slots with the whole team.- After work chit chat
Give Friday after work drinks a chance by hosting them on Chit Chat.- Talk topics
If you find yourself at a loss of words, just use a talk topic.