Chief Onboarding Paperless employee onboarding made simple

ChiefOnboarding is a well known brand within the HR world. We have specialized ourselves to one aspect of recruiting, known as employee onboarding. Employee onboarding is an overlooked aspect of the hiring process, which causes many financial disadvantages as well as unpleasant moments of staff leaving the board. Fact is, those kind of things could have been avoided easily. Good onboarding practices help a lot with employee retention.  This Slack app needs to be used with our website. Though, once you have set up everything you want, you can use our app without having to login to our dashboard.What can this bot do for you?For a new hire:
• The bot will send tasks to the new hire that need to be completed that day. The new hire can check those as ‘done’.
• The bot can give the new hire access to resources, which he could need during the onboarding.
• The bot can show the people the new hire could get in touch with easily. The email address wil be displayed to the new hire.
• The bot can show all colleagues. For the administrator:
• One person can be marked as the admin. He or she will be able to create new hires and keep track of their progress.
• Keep track on the new hire’s process.
• Assign multiple tasks to new hires.Employee onboarding has never been so easy.