BotIntegrate with directly from Slack! Start a game, view your stats, and get the latest content. + Slack = awesome. Now you can enjoy your favorite game more easily inside of Slack. You can easily associate your username with your Slack account, and then view your stats, quickly start a game, and view the latest articles, news, and videos. Your move!Available commands:
help – All available commands.
me – ┬áDisplays all stats for the user you’ve associated with your slack handle.
play – Create a random daily chess or live chess seek directly from Slack.
profile username – Returns public profile information for a member.
puzzle – Today’s Daily Puzzle & a random-one!
stats username – Returns stats for a member.
support – Need help? Get quick links to submit a support ticket & search support articles.
today – Latest News Stories, Articles, and Videos!

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