Cheersly Build cheerful teams.

Push your team forward, boost their morale, say cheers and spread happiness!Say cheers to your peers when you would like to appreciate their efforts!/cheers @tom @jerry Thanks for jumping in the client call at the last minute :)You can get a birds eye view of your team’s mood and keep track of who has given or received the most cheers. If you feel low, just visit the app’s home tab and recall all the good work you have done and have been appreciated for so far!You should share in some cheers with your peers because it makes the recipient feel good about themselves and this can help to boost their performance. Cheersly provides the kind of positive experience or uplift that can increase people’s morale, motivation and engagement, and renew their commitment to their organization!!!Coming soon : – Polls : Helps you to ask a question to your peers right within Slack and analyze their responses!Awesome for remote teams!Try FREE for 7 days, no credit card required! After that pay $10 per 100 users per team!