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The better way to listen, learn and engage with your teamDashboards for your team!
Sometimes the stream of Slack messages seems endless – we get it!  Our Key Phrases feature pinpoints trending words and themes over a period of time. In addition, message activity and busiest-hours analysis highlights your organization’s prime collaborative windows, allowing you to schedule team events more productively.Track workspace sentiment
Keep your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment and sentiment trends, allowing you to address issues early and improve performance across your organization.Monitor team engagement
Analyze @mentions and message activity to understand if an employee is over-leveraged. Identify top information-seekers and enable them with training or extended onboarding.Leverage member expertise
Recognize the top communicators in any channel to explore their subject matter expertise across your operation.Non-intrusive Check-in
Private channels, groups, and direct messages are not enabled or monitored – only communications in public channels the app has been invited to are digested.In-Slack Summaries
Get a brief 24-hour summary of individual channels or your entire workspace with the included /acuity commandWhy scroll when you can see the big picture?Installation begins a no-obligation, one week free trial, after which we have paid monthly plans to accommodate any sized workspace.  After installation you will be asked to provide an email address for your analytics dashboard login.  This email address is the only address we will use to contact you, and we do not share the email address with any third parties.Visit for more information!

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