Centro: Email, SMS, & SalesforceSales & Support at the Speed of Slack: Shared Inbox. Email or Text customers. Seamless Salesforce Integration. Grok Channel Summary.

Sharing an Inbox in Slack has never been easier with Centro. Your team is already in Slack, why have another tool to send and receive emails as a team? Save time and increase customer satisfaction by emailing and SMS texting customers in Slack! Is your team using Salesforce? Enrich your responses by merging in Salesforce data in your template, while easily keeping your system of record up to date and accurate. Grok Channel Summary – Get up to speed fast
Send and receive emails in any channel in Slack
Collaborate on email drafts as a team before sending
Create and use templates to speed up responses
Send and receive SMS Text messages in Slack
️ Notifications of email opens and link clicks
Connect to Gmail, keep Slack and your inbox synchronized  Take your game to the next level with our Salesforce connector (optional). Log calls and tasks, create new records, respond to new Leads and Cases, keep all channels linked and viewable within Salesforce. Who benefits from Centro? Anyone who needs to get up to speed on missed conversations with Grok
Prospecting teams working inbound and outbound leads
Sales teams coordinating on deals and communicating with customers
Customer success teams reviewing all channels and customer correspondence
Support teams coordinating responses and resolving issues quickly
Accounting and back-office teams handing receivables and payablesCentro offers a free 14-day free trial. Try it with your team today!

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