Camio Get real-time Camio security alerts through Slack

Camio is a real-time video search and alerting platform that brings the same seamless experience to video search as Google brought to the web. Using existing cameras and powerful Machine Learning, Camio enables 5X faster video review and reduces false positives by 90%. You’ll need a Camio account. Click here to create one. With Camio for Slack, you’ll receive instant video alerts as Slack messages in your chosen channels. Review Quickly
Each Camio message includes vital information about your security event. • Best cover image
• Matched search query
• Timestamp of the event
• Link to view in any browserAct Immediately
Take steps to quickly mitigate threats by easily accessing Camio through Slash commands.  Did you miss an important delivery? Use /camio search fedex or ups to find out. Find a full list of the supported commands here.