Bug Reporting Get fast website feedback from customers and QA.

Ship products without sacrificing quality or launch velocity.Get feedback from customers/QA on your website sent directly to Slack for you to action in real-time. Prevent any communication loss between customers, PMs and developersAuto-notify respective teams and channels in Slack so critical bugs and customer feedback information are in front of the right peopleBugreporting is extremely easy to install and use.1-click no code installation. Clients record feedback. Recordings are auto-synced to your favorite work tool and Slack. Clients & QA are auto-notified when the issue is resolved.  Streamline your entire client feedback process
 Get customer console and meta data access
 Auto-sync with Trello, Jira and Asana
 Get notified on Slack whenever feedback is sent
 Auto-notify customers/QA when issue is addressed – increasing customer activation
 Take snippets or recordings for feedback via QA or customers